Competition + Camaraderie = Results

We grow up playing, not "working out." We don't even know that we're exercising - we're just having fun with our friends.

When was the last time you exercised and felt truly happy? Not just the positive feelings that come from doing something good for yourself, but the emotional pleasure that comes from being with friends and having fun. Do you miss the  camaraderie and adrenaline rush that come from competition?

Or does your elliptical give you all that and more?

Play: exercise or activity for amusement or recreation.

When we're playing, our minds relax and it's much easier to be present in the moment. We don't want to let our teammates down, and it's incredibly rewarding to be cheered on while exercising. I doubt you have ever had anyone tell you, "I love the way you programmed that treadmill. Nice move hitting the incline button!" But we're certain someone has made you feel great by telling you, "Nice shot!" or "Good hustle."

Self Competition

Do you always challenge yourself to perform better than you did the time before?

Individual Competition

Are you inspired by trying to out perform the athlete next to you?

Team Competition

A team is a group of people with a commitment to one another, to the team, to a high level of achievement, to a common goal, and to a common vision.

  • Team members receive encouragement from their fellow athletes.
  • Teamwork provides relief when an athlete is having a challenging workout.
  • The fact that each member knows he's responsible to others works to make him more effective.
  • A shared vision keeps everyone motivated.
  • Teams encourage you to give your best every time
  • Playing on a team helps build your planning and analytical skills and increases concentration
The reality is that we thrive on human connection and being part of a community. When we're praised, we're motivated. People either have extrinsic or intrinsic motivation. Some of us excel when we set targets for our own performance. Others love head to head competition. Engagement levels are crucial to understand what is driving you and towards what purpose.

Extrinsic Motivation
- A motivational style that is totally focused upon the external rewards that come to the athlete by their involvement and success in the sport. Thus a trophy, a plaque or most standard forms of athletic recognition.

Intrinsic Motivation - The athlete performs the skill and engages in sport for the pure fun and pleasure of it. 

Self-determination Theory - Identified as the need to be in relationship with others; to experience competence and to function with autonomy. A motivational climate can be created which allows the athlete to participate without coercion, an atmosphere where skill mastery and learning are the norm and an atmosphere of satisfaction in the engagement of the sport.
Competition Increases Intensity and Therefore Results - Research published in the Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise suggests that the ability of an athlete to pull through victoriously in head-to-head competition really is an issue of "mind over matter."

Participants in the study completed a 2,000-meter cycling course five times. They were instructed to aim for their quickest possible times, watching their progress on a virtual racecourse. During their final trial, participants were told that they would be racing a competing cyclist behind a partition and could view their competitor's avatar on their screen. In fact, the participants were racing their own previous best time.

Out of the 14 cyclists, 12 performed significantly faster than their previous best time when they believed they were facing an opponent. Despite their exhaustion after this intense series of exercises, lead researcher Jo Corbett found that "only in the last race, when they were unknowingly competing against themselves, they were able to race even harder." Corbett reasons that such head-to-head competition specifically provides enough motivation to instruct our brain to delve into this anaerobic energy reserve.

The Wrap Up

Want to get results in a ways that seems as fun as it does simple? Change your life and become part of Team Thrill. We don't work out - we play hard!


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