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Corporate WellnessWe spend our childhoods playing. Playing sports. Playing with friends. Then we grow up and begin working. We even stop playing and start "working" out.

Thrill's CrossFit, Team Cycling and Elevation Yoga offers the camaraderie of team and individual competition in a fun way, to motivate your team and get them fit. We Play Hard so that they return energized and refreshed.

Thrill creates organic camaraderie, inspires members and the end result is a vibrant social community centered around a fun and healthy lifestyle. We focus on meeting the evolving fitness and social needs that balances the pace of the modern office environment. When your employees experience Thrill, the organic bonds that build from our unique experience will unite them in the workplace more strongly than any other program. 



Simple Works

Corporate Wellness Programs

Thrill focuses on small group training which is the most effective way of building community in fitness. You'll see immediate results, increased and consistent participation and ultimately happier and healthier team members.

  • We offer an accessible fitness program scalable to multiple levels that motivates and achieves results.
  • Make the experience consistently fun to generate active participation
  • Schedule of classes that meets the needs of a corporate demographic.
  • We work closely with human resources to align with their wellness program goals.
  • We offer team building competitive events.
  • Biggest Loser Contests featuring cancer fighting plant based nutrition.
  • Educational seminars in nutrition, psychology of exercise, pain prevention, yoga science, prenatal wellness and even management of medical conditions through exercise.
  • Charitable events hosted in club to benefit causes sponsored by our Corporate Athletes.

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